Putting-on the Presidential Face

According to PR Watch, the US State Department has set-up a rapid-response public relations unit. Karen Hughes, hired as Under Secretary in March of this year to take-over a flagging PR campaign for the US oversees, will operate the pr "war room."

If only Hughes applied herself to the domestic onslaught.
I worked briefly in public relations crisis management myself, so let's see what needs be done.

Step one: Determine the primary message: Bush is a great cowboy leader who any real patriotic and god-fearin American would love to get a beer with (hold the pretzels, thanks).

Step two: Pint-point primary and secondary audiences: a) Evangelical conservatives, b) Americans, c) the parts of the world we care about.

Step three: assess the crisis. So, what's wrong for Bush right now? Let's see:
a) Approval ratings now are more like disapproval ratings.
b) The Plame scandal reached the upper echelons of the administration.
c) VP Cheney's fight to justify torture might be alienating the religious base of the party.
d) Four years later, there is less evidence to justify the war in Iraq than when the US invaded.
e) Casualties are climbing, troops are dwindling, and the empire feels overstatement.
d) Dammit, Harriet didn't get nominated.
f) Where's the door again? Oh yeah, the open door to china? ---it's closed.
g) The results of tax cuts for the rich and care cuts for the poor from 2001 resulted in less growth, low even compared to recent heavily-taxed eras.
h) Even party champions are turning away---like McCain.

Step four: If the odds aren't good, run and hide.
i) Can't even hide-out and gets some peace at the ranch anymore!