Oops, I did it again (for Abramoff)!

"Our scholarship is not for sale," Cato public relations frontman Jaime Dettmer said to the NYT.

Unfortunately, Doug Bandow's pen is, to the embarrassment of the Cato Institute, whose reputation as libertarian think tank and Washington research institution now draws the shadow of Bandow's unethical patron, Jack Amramoff.

Ironically he probably would have written the same type of articles anyhow, perhaps with a bit more balanced criticism and less pay. But:

At Cato and similar institutions, adjunct scholars are not always prohibited from accepting outside consulting roles. But at Cato, said Mr. Dettmer, and at the American Enterprise Institute, said a spokeswoman there, rules require scholars to make public all their affiliations, and there is an expectation that scholars will not embarrass the institution.