Perfect for the Holidays

Okay, so I missed some pretty ripe blogging points in the news lately---the passage of the McCain amendment in the Defense bill, the successful suit on WalMart, the New York metro strike, the WTO agreement--but you know, this is a season about giving, forgiving, and lazily enjoying the fine pleasures of nothing-to-do, so let's get on with it. Luckily, no one's relying on this site for breaking news. Whew, what a burden off my shoulders, that was close!

Instead, fun with holiday wrapping, minus the Martha: An interactive game making a living barbie...er, and also a critique of what the magazines do to women's self-respect.

Model Photo Retouch
(hint: the site's become popular, so you might need to try again later to load it.)
Also, more feminist fun.
To go along with A Piercing Protest
, the Anti-Rape Condom. (Thanks for the link Jen!)


Anonymous said...

I like barbie, MELANIE!
can ya guess who THIS is?
smirk, smirk

playfulmind said...

Okay, guessing games are fun...I guess.

I'm going to joint-guess (i) Sam---because he's finally found my site, or (ii) Clara---because she's a self-avowed Trophy Wife in Training...

But I'm probably (horrors!) wrong...
as they say, right? there's a first for everything...

No, it's Kate, only KATE the "great" would sound so KATE--there's no other way of saying it--even in text!

(okay, or maybe Jen I-Have-Sucky-Business-Cards Eller)

Clara said...

I didn't write that anonymous post. Here, check this out: the types of guys.