ruffling frisco's feathers

The stylish standard of the Bay, San Francisco magazine, produced cover for the SF Chon and Salon when their execs refused to run a unfavorable piece on cash-rich casino advertisers: a sexual harrasment suit that's found itself stranded on the Indian reserve and out of US legal protection.

Apparently, as the Chron notes, a cross-breed between a luxury rag and the credible-journalism brainchild of KQED can't always walk straight. The execs have peeved the writer, Byrne, but the editor-in-chief,
Bruce Kelley, is looking the other way--declining comment, but adding that the business-side reaching in and yanking a story was a "fluke circumstance."

Likely a savvy move on Kelley's part, as SanFran has lately burgeoned into a fine looking glossy whose gleem from the news stands must be well matched by bright earnings from their new,
extra-sized edition. But, as Aesop said, outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth. San Francisco is a good magazine, but it's better with content to garnish the fluff.