Star Wars TV 100-Series

Though not a die-hard Star Wars fan (I own no prized collectibles nor desire to read the books that sustained the devoted in the dry spell after the trilogy), I adore the framework of the original Trilogy--enough to watch the recent movies and to get excited about the prospect of the new live-action TV series.

Set between episodes three and four, there will be about 100 episodes to cover 20 missing years of Luke Skywalker's development. With the original actors out, it leaves me cringing at the possibilities (honestly). Ever-truer fans have been publishing endless rumor blogs of conjectures--which have been running since Lucas first publically confirmed the TV-series in April 2005. The series is scheduled to begin filming in 2008--though IMDb already has a page for it--after being derailed from a 2005 start by George Lucas's busy schedule (Indian Jones III and another movie).