sudden love, at a glance

Something to linger over for those never bored with an internet connection before them. These two are sudden love at a glance.

First, a welcome to Waverly Films. Start browsing through the portfolio of shorts, ads, mysterious trailers, and you will quickly lose yourself and about an hour. The scripts are tight, the shots seamless, the drama impressively tense for split-second and five-minute scenes.

Next, the robots photoshopped into classic works of art---some beautiful, some a bit scary, but all refreshingly innovative amalgams.

In both cases, choose your own favorites---mine are too numerous to bother listing here. Ahh, technology in good hands.

And finally, for the political economy buffs,
Worldmapper has maps skewed into the global distribution of tourism and immigration (to and from), food trade, energy use, and more.

For example, the world by Alcohol and Cigarettes Imports:
If your care for political economics stretches only to the edges of your wallet, then try the U.S. map of gas prices. At GasBuddy.com one can locate the cheapest gallon in the county or fill-up on reasons to complain.