...for those who appreciate efficiency, Behold! the ultimate work and work-out combination! The Tredputer!I myself have dreamed of this combo but, as one who--even with wrists akimbo, rested firmly on the ledge of the Precor display for stability--can't train her eyes on the print of a glossy magazine, thought there was little hope. Thankfully, as they say, progress depends upon those who force the world to adapt to them. So a 40-year old marathoner who wants to run the 50 states is building the dream machine, by trial and error.

I love it--an expensive experiment, but someday. Apparently there are many dreaming this dream. One of the commenter on the blog cited a Mayo Clinic study, cited here:

James Levine, M.D. and his colleagues in the NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis) lab at Mayo Clinic have pioneered an "Office of the Future" -- a fully functioning office that bears a marked resemblance to a gym. Complete with treadmills that serve as both desks and computer platforms and a two-lane walking track that serves as a meeting room, Dr. Levine and his entire staff have a unique, active work environment.
Here's the sleek NEAT prototype desk (right).


update: Wed/12/April
As a striking coincidence, a couple days after I wrote this post I found myself on a similar machine. Okay, so it held a flat touch-screen TV instead of a computer monitor, but hey I was at work so technically it was working on a treadmill with a screen (sort of). Summary: it was great and I want one for my "house".