Bright Lights

Humans like light emissions, not entirely sure why, but it remains true. A few pretty demonstrations of that.
1. Light-saber duel: inherent good.

2. Evolution occurs faster at the equator.*
*The theory on why:
"Warmer temperatures speed up metabolism by allowing chemical reactions to occur at a faster rate, but this increased efficiency comes at a price: it
produces higher quantities of charged atoms or molecules called "free radicals," which can damage proteins—including DNA. Higher metabolism also speeds up DNA replication, which is just another chemical reaction, and this can increase the number of copying mistakes that can occur." (via LiveScience)

3. Even data sets are beautiful when they're glowing: Infosthetics.

Though science may not yet understand why brains like light, it is getting closer to using light to understand human brains. A group of neuroscientists are spying on brain activity by shinning near-infrared light (which isn't easily reflected or absorbed by human tissue) using fiber optic threads and receptors mounted about a helmet. Check out the video at ScienCentral Video.