A Cure for Enough

However much I push it down
It's never enough
However much I push it around
It's never enough
However much I make it out
It's never enough
Never enough
However much I do.......
Does this sound like the way you play with your data feeds? I have the Cure.

Your RSS library is overflowing with feeds and continually refreshing with delicious new content (not to mention the de.licio.us tags), the Bookmark favorites scroll past the bottom of the screen, ScrapBook and Notebook clips are piling without revisit. Tabs, bookmarks, clip markers and site favorites are making homestead in temporary spaces. No more, I'm cleaning house! Beware, a rash of random posts to come---each one a small excision from my data rubbish pile of forget-me-nots.

It's Friday, I'm in love.