An Inconvenient Truth

The movie on Al Gore's nationally toured speech on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth is grossing mega numbers in the box office--despite competition with Hollywood summer blockbusters and its limited showing. No word yet as to whether Al will include the "positive proof" displayed at left in his next version of the slides.

Treehugger:We don't expect a film based on a slide presentation to outdo Hollywood summer blockbusters at the box office, but we're happy to see that An Inconvenient Truth is doing very well so far: "On Wednesday an inconvenient truth was the #11 movie in the country despite being in only 4 theaters, earning $78,994 ($19,749/theater). ...An Inconvenient Truth made an average of $70,500 per theater over the weekend (according to BoxOfficeMojo), which is the highest number in the USA and quite impressive for a scientific documentary. Comparatively, the #1 movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, made $27,947 per theater and all other movies made under $10,000 per theater. (digg)
Seriously, I can't convey how impressed I was when I heard Gore give this now-famous speech. It is very compelling, both in the substance of the science he presents and the cogency of his telling. It's a hard task, selling an inconvenient truth to a popular audience. But it looks like Gore and this movie may have found a way.

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Simon said...

The BBC did a Global Warming doc last night. I've been trying to pretend it isn't too bad, because the alternative is too depressing. I'm also old enough to know people are always telling us "the end is nigh". Problem is, it's the educated, rational people who are telling us this time.