IndieKarma is yet another way for bloggers to try to make a buck and independent voices to support themselves. Every blog visit gives one penny to the site---for the reader the cost is minimal, for the blogger the pennies add-up (a sense of being supported accumulates even faster). Kottke liked it enough to write indie's 2-second elevator pitch.

If you're a blogger or web site owner, you sign up, put a bit of JavaScript code on your site, and whenever a reader who's signed into IndieKarma visits your site, you get a penny. Seamless and easy.
It looks good; all it needs now is a network of users. All blog readers do is go to indieKarma and deposit a dollar; when you reach a site in the indieKarma network a small dock will let you know and take a penny (you can also remain logged-out of karma, if you choose).

What's nice about this is it's really the gentle encouragement that counts, and the blogs likely to sign-up are going to be small little voices, looking for a little love. (Yours truly included, although I'm really far too lazy to include a slip of java code for a couple pennies of warm-fuzzies. Hopefully I'm the exception, because this is sort of cute.) A little network of blogs and websurfers hugging across the web--aww. good karma.