Dissing Diamonds

Women (58% of them) are as interested in and satisfied with HDTVs as diamonds. -- I heard that piece of news on diggnation, as a recent digg news item. It turns out that 'news' was published in 2002 by Wired, so it's possible the initial interest in HDTVs has since dissipated. After all, TVs burn out and, sing-along with de Beers now-- "diamonds are forever."

But perhaps HDTV (though perhaps less portable as a party accessory) is the better gift. A list of (equally dated) reasons not to buy/accept a diamond:

NB: For the record I'll take both.
(Thanks James)


ruth said...

I already have diamond ring-get me (or at least I will do when my mum decides to give it to me).

Was my Great-Granmother's engagement ring


jamesey said...

I've successfully convinced 2 couples to go CZ instead of diamond.