The Only Thing Wrong With Firefox 2.0 Release

Entertain a small argument for anachronism, if you will. Everyone who cares knew days ago that Firefox 2.0 is out and ready for the public. And of course, we have nothing but praise for the Giant-tumbling, opensourced, continually innovative--new version.

I have one small exception. I want back.

Now, I know you want to throw your outdated Toshiba laptop at me, the one with the blacked-out screen. But hear me out.

Firefox Extensions are the best part. And guess what, the
release is so new, that for awhile, the extension developers won't have time to update for 2.0. My favorite more-essential-than-my-left-hand extensions are null, void---marked by little "not compatible with Firefox 2.0---- Uninstall" tags.

Please, we've grown dependent.
Forgive us. We downloaded version 2.0 in pure curiosity, for the small thrill of a truly "2.0" look of the streamlined icons, and other new surprises. There's no going back! There is no deinstallation, and even if you did downloadable copies of are gone---effaced in celebration of 2.0. Where can I get a download? Even the cached download page of redirects to Download 2.0.

I wrote to Mozilla for a small request: please, don't take Firefox away until the developers have a change to update the extensions--which you tout and encouraged us to become so dependent upon.

write to Mozilla too and ask them--or the other download sites--- to reinstate a download page for the good-old Firefox (may she RIP).


Anonymous said...


There's a Firefox extension called Nightly Tester Tools.

One of its features is it "Allows you to force the application to believe an extension is compatible with the current version and enable it."


It's always worked for me.


playfulmind said...

Thanks for trying Pete,

Unfortunately while Nightly Tester reactivated access to the TabMixPlus preferences, the tools didn't function correctly.

But, to their credit, the TabMixPlus developers (as noted on their extensions page) are already working on a solution for 2.0, and hope to have it out soon.
thanks, Melanie

Tez said...

Melanie- Tab Mix Plus is out. Yay. Of course, this is old news by now, but it surely deserves celebration.

playfulmind said...

Tez -agreed!
I was checking for it like a foraging bird hunting for forage in the bleak cold of winter.

but it's still the beta right? some bugs. the tab-close option, for instance, displays on opposite sides of the tab for multiple rows. (wow, i really use a lot of tabs!)


Tez said...

I know! The tab-close button is all wonky and it's annoying the hell outta me. Fortunately I'm more used to mouse gestures anyway.

playfulmind said...

yup, also when the option is selected, new tabs won't always display behind open ones.

Rodrigo said...

Hey, look for Firefox in torrents files.

All is in torrent files...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Check out that site to download