Hey, Google's Blogger team chose this site for the Blogs of Note list on December 19!

Thanks Blogger! Nice upgrade, by the way. And I'll be using it all a bunch more in the New Year.

Have a good one, all!


mike said...

what does it take to become a blogger of note?

Anonymous said...

Hi from South Africa. Your blog is quite a read. Mostly I think Americans lack perspective on their current political dilemma. Too distracted by consumerism perhaps? You don't seem to suffer from the same folly. Keep blogging.

AdSense Tips said...

Congratulations Melanie. I'm here from Blogs of Note. You've got some nice stuff.

playfulmind said...

Mike --

:) I recommend abandoning your blog for several months. The first time I did this I got a hat tip as Feedster Feed-of-the-Day. And the second time---well, it's Blogger Blog of Note.

I'm thinking if I keep this up at regular intervals, I can score a Webby. What do you think?

Ace said...

Congrats on the Google excitement. I have started blogging here too, and it's blogs like yours that encourage me, and that's not being sarcastic. you make blogging look incredibly interesting. Thanks so much and again congrats!


Morgan Green said...

Great Blog!!!

Morgan Green
Uplifting Thoughts

Saty said...

excellent blog...happy blogging

-K- said...

Good for you and your Bog of Note.

I don't mind telling you that I wish my blog was noted in the same way.

Happy New Year.