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I tend to shrug-off local politics as petty and small. But on the local level the costs are so much lower for civic participation. It's only a problem of information: the MSM and 'the political press' are naturally much more focused on national politics. There are fewer rewards to media outlets for covering local politics.

Now the Personal Democracy Forum has gathered a handy list of sites to
help you locate those dedicated soldiers in your neighborhood, burning the night oil to bring you Hyper-Local News.

How-To: Seven Ways to Find Local Political Blogs

The most impressive of these to me is Placeblogger.com-- a new search site built by a vet team of media thinkers ('Lisa Williams (of H2Otown), with advisory help from Jay Rosen and Dan Gillmor').

And, in the spirit of local living and blogging. I've developed my own local blog, called The Browse. It's more art & culture than politics, but have a gander if you fancy.

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