KISS's labor lost

Alex ("astroboy") sent me this feed of his Google Reader Shared Items. A sincere copycat (hey, I was going to do it anyway), I've created my own and added the feed to this site... as well as updated the site overall, in myriad other ways-- as those ever loyal readers will note (loving mothers, guilt-ridden friends, inmates of San Francisco Zoo, lifeless search bots?).

I've changed the whole template to Blogger's new version. Actually, I think Blogger beta is better... for those who want more control of their site. The new, official Blogger release is a land-mine of stop-signs and roadblocks. i.e. "You must stop here and see your site explode. No, afraid there's no U-turns or detouring, you really must make a full-stop and at the designated traffic markings and witness the implosion of your CSS: a melt-down of your fonts, a sheering away of your meticulously crafted customizations, all your little widgets and whatsits *vaporized*. I understand that this may not be what you had intended with an 'upgrade', but fear not, we've saved a complete copy of your entirely unimproved former site, right here, and you can revert to the beta backgrade at will!" How reassuring.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what I intended to do. I've updated this version with most of the old essential features in a spiffy new 3-column format. But it just isn't satisfying. And--as if more paths up the wrong mountain were a consulation prize-- the site can now also be accessed from melaniecolburn.com (my new domain, in case you didn't catch that). Once I have the beta-blogger shining like the top of the, er, Googleplex, I will republish that. Hold your breath long enough and you might even see an entirely melanie-made website hand-rolled with fancy new AJAXMLCSSQL!!! Oh, wow...

(fyi- KISS=keep it simple stupid. And for the
AJAXMLCSSQL reference, see the video (hilarious) embedded in the picture above.)