Scrybe beta user!

After Scrybe's pre-beta announcement stood at my Digg #1 spot for 298 days--whilst major news and tech releases came and went-- Scrybe is finally in actual beta! And guess who's a beta user. :)

Don't have a clue what I'm talking about? Scrybe is a web-based calendar and scheduling service that translates into the 3-D world in which we live. Its features look not just intuitive-- but built around convention to work as you would want it to work. Also, it includes some functionality like Google Notebook and it prints into a nice origami stork! (well, something very close to that. maybe, an origami pigeon. it's been awhile since I watched the video)

Who is it for? People like me who write shit down, on paper-- people who scribble, takes notes, and need to fidget with folds. It's also for people who may have internet-access on their phones/PDAs but prefer not to bleed out of their nose per minute they need to access what time they need to be where (for the fifth time, in an hour!).

Anyway, I love giving comments and suggestions (read: ripping apart and helping to better rebuild) products as a beta user. So, here goes. :)

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theblanketstatement said...

Oh, man. I've been fiending for Scribe for too long now. Any chance you'd invite a beta user? I blog on technology, but don't know anyone with the beta!