Sharp, young eyes

Demand for a viewspaper--- no kidding.

There's a new survey by the reliably non-partisan Pew Research Center for the People and the Press: Roughly a quarter of Americans now use the Internet as their primary news source. Pew's study finds that the Web crowd is younger and better-educated than most Americans and far more dissatisfied with their country's news media. It's fair to assume that a substantial number of them are among the British papers' U.S. readers, people who want a "viewspaper." -- The Merc, via socialmedia.biz.
I've been thinking around customizing media for this newer generation, actually; so if anyone wants to kick around ideas about creating some media, let me know. It's nice to see this Pew study. I didn't really have any data to go on before, just some creative and unverified poking in the dark. Interested in a project?

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Nate Watson said...

There was a recent time article called "the new middle"...basically saying the younger generation are sick of pollarized opinion...thus the appeal of Obama. Makes sense for the interest in web based news when you have a pendulum swing from cnn over to Fox on cable. it would be a great idea to take advantage of the growth of the .tv sector and cator to 18-30 year old crowd. Interesting blog!