backwards searchers cross paths

Last week backwards searching for top results ranking was my odd passtime. I wondered if anyone else played this game, with disappointing results. But then, I found in my RSS bin that Sacca also wrote a post on tracking the search terms that brought referrals to his site. As it happends, Sacca (a Googler) only thought the Yahoo keyword referrals off topic. : )

Sacca Backwards Searching his site:
Being a data junkie, I have been semi-obsessively tracking how folks get to my blog. According to data...over the last three months, 8.6% of you who landed somewhere upon the pages of blog came to me by way of a search engine (versus by following a link, directly inputting the address, or clicking through on a feed reader). Where it gets interesting though, is when we behold the actual terms for which users were searching when they clicked through to my blog...(he finds the google referrals make sense)...So, up to this point, their users are having a fabulous search experience. But, going forward it looks like there is a wrench in the works at Yahoo:

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Whoa, whoa. What gives?

See, I'm not the only one asking these questions!
--the lady doth protest too much