Paying dues to the people power revolution

Philippine victims of the oppressive Marcos regime finally won rights to share the $35 million awarded to them for human rights violations by the toppled dictator. The verdict delivered in San Francisco by a Court of Appeals on May 9 knocked-down false claims of ownership by the Philippine government that had previously delayed distribution. The verdict brings resolution to a successful class-action suit brought in 1986-1995 by 9,500 Filipinos. (I'm a little late on this story---thanks for the hint Mom--but the significance of this news was/is still generally under-reported in the press.)

"In 1995, using a two-century-old U.S. law, a Honolulu jury awarded the group $2 billion after finding Marcos responsible for summary executions, disappearances and torture," according to the UK Guardian. "So far, none of the award has been distributed because it has been tied up by foreign banks and the Philippine government claiming ownership. The original award is nearing $4 billion with interest." The AP reports that the plaintiffs are also seeking "to seize $22 million in Marcos assets located in a bank in Singapore, and other properties in various countries." For more, see the Manila Standard Today.

Cheerfully reported by the UK Times Online, more good news: Imelda Marcos---the infamous widowed wife of the Philippine Dictator--is nearing bankruptcy.

Or, well, not quite--she still has about a billion dollars and over 200 pairs of shoes. But, that is relative poverty to her former ill-gotten riches.
The former beauty queen dispatches the truth of all those shoes, the untold story of her comely face diffusing the cold war, and--believe it or not---her crafty domestic reuse program. The Times tory is really worth reading--- entertaining and educational
(thanks to Mom, always on top of the Manila press).

"I am not at all privileged. Maybe the only privileged thing is my face. And corrupt? God! I would not look like this if I am corrupt. Some ugliness would settle down on my system." ----Imelda Marcos


Ruth said...

'the Times tory'-was that a freudian slip about the fact that the Times is pretty right-wing/Conservative or as we call them over here Tories?

playfulmind said...

no My Lady Lass, that was your own Brit wit and my slipped keys.

very good though! I think I'll leave it and claim credit