trying to get an inclue

(har, har har)

My poor little blog has become the test-dummy for whatever little programs I have try out for work. As Susanna would say with an astonished Venitian, Caspita!
So now I'm flirting with InClue! (what's with the exclamation points--what PR person decided that adds excitment? It must make headaches for whoever writes their convoluted copy.) Hopefully this trial won't run into the snafu of the last one... fat chance.

Update: "A non-review"
The review is not worth a separate post, so here's the deal. The Good: I don't really know because I didn't really fully use it.

Why? The Bad: a) you need IE to download the file. EVEN THEN, b) you need Outlook running alongside the program. Now, I ask you, how does that requirement fulfill a promise for "one button" subscription to RSS? As I said, I did not fully run the program (thwarted by the gruelling prospect of creating a one-time Outlook acount), but the fact that InClue! requires this does not excite me, not even with the
gratuitous *!*

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nick gogerty said...

Hello Melanie,

Sorry the trial didn't work out for you. Yes Outlook does need to stay open. For Outlook users inclue! can be pretty interesting in terms of uses, video stream can be viewed in e-mail and shared as well as keyword RSS news feeds from google,monster, e-bay auction tickers etc. We also help publishers. http://www.inclue.com/template/default/inclueHyperViral.pdf

The convoluted copy is a function of start-up trying to do a lot of things with a small team and my random thought processes :). Let me know if you would like to learn more about our approach. We really are excited about trying to make things easier and more fun for people by delivering fresh information politely.

all the best,

Nick Gogerty
CEO inclue!