Guantanamo detainees to receive trial

Supreme Court rejects military tribunals for Guantanamo detainees (5-3)!!!
Hoorah! Finally, a step forward.

The Christian Science Monitor reports.


Taylor W. Buley said...

Horrah! And we taxpayers can pay the half million to prosecute, and $25,000 to incarcerated them.

playfulmind said...

Yes the trials (currently) use tax payer money. The justice process defined by American law/Constitution has its price, the least of which is financial.

Of couse if its the money you're most concerned about, there are other solutions to that problem, which I'm sure you're well aware. But that is a separate question. It would be cheaper afterall to hang all suspects without trial.

Also, you assume they will be incarcerated. That is a false assumption. In comparison detaining them indefinitely after a military tribunal would be more expensive than trial and release, with or without a short sentence between.

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Ruth said...

As I don't pay tax in the US not too sure I should comment on that aspect.

But I do think this decision is a good thing. I still find it difficult when people try to argue against stuff like the Geneva Convention as it just seems like common sense to me.

There's a good bit of background about this decision on the bbc website but slightly worryingly Bush seems to be ignoring it and saying he won't rule out military tribunals in future (even though his own justice system has pronounced them illegal).

cowtowne said...

A PITY that you share so infrequently... it appears that you've got a giant mind and know what to do with it.

Kenneth Cowtowne
[shall return someday, alas]