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There are a few posts every blogger eventually writes. I'd like to get mine out of the way, all at once-- preternaturally efficient such as I am.

1. the apology post.
beloved readers, I am ever so sorry I haven't posted of late. My international best-selling book tour/the passing away of my childhood dog/amazing new twins/DIY deep space exploration has kept me away from the keyboard (*oops!). More to come, promise!
[last updated:5/4/1995]

2. the message board post.
After deep reflection on my many marches alongside Mario Savio/MLK, Jr./John Stuart Mill, it pains me deeply to change my comments policy. Because of the deluge of spam, comments unaligned with my opinion, and sarcastic derision upon my delightful witticisms, guest comments will henceforth require authoritative certification by my spam/taste/funnies bot. Thank you for understanding. Let's keep speech free, where it matters!

3. the i really-really heart my readers post
like opening my window unto a fresh spring breeze, no thing brings this writer sweeter euphoria than but an ounce of direct feedback from my amazing readers. I gush with gratitude just thinking about how lucky I am to share my thoughts with each one of you (hundred/million/kajillion) readers.
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4. the call for ideas post.
As some of you may remember I've been living in a zen Buddhist monastery since I met Wave, my super-neat zen mentor, making mandalas with
flower petals on the beach. Wave has helped me totally empty my mind of thought--which is really great because now I'm totally focused on beating out all the other students to reaching the tao first. But, zen enlightenment also means I have no ideas for blog posts. So if there's something you'd like me to write about, send it in!

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lisa said...

awesome, love it!