Is the Church of Scientology a cult? A few doubters created a webpage to expose it as such, their criticisms gaining high popularity and exposure on the web. The critical site, Codebot.com also google bombed (forced their page to rise first for a keyword search) on the word scientology.

The Scientology Church responded by sending a gag letter to Verizon and preparing to sue. To top it off, they replaced codebot.com's site with their own evangelistic propaganda. Get the story of codebot here: The Unfunny Sequel.

Oppression, censorship, unbelievable
beliefs---familiar historic hallmarks of a religion. Codebot argues though that Scientology distinguishes itself as a cult and seeks to warn people. Here's a mirror (copy) of the original Scientology is not Science site.

Update: conincidentally, a Scientology orientation video turns up.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for spreading the mirror of codebot

-ralph dagza