Mr. Firefox, Q&A

People ask me, "Well, gee, if IE7 is starting to catch up to Firefox, and if they've got their hand back in development right now, and eventually they might actually catch up to Firefox in terms of features, what's the benefit of using Firefox? Why are you guys still around if you say that your only goal is just to make the Web a better place?"

My answer to that is, how much can you really trust a company that five years ago completely left you abandoned? If they do, in fact, succeed in taking back some of the market share that Firefox has gotten back from them, who's to say that they're not going to disappear again? My issue is not so much at a product level; it's at a company level. How do you trust a company that left everyone out in the cold for five years?
Full interviw with Blake Ross. Blake's blog.
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Update: Firefox's US market share reaches 16%
Amsterdam based analytics firm OneStat is reporting that Firefox has captured a worldwide market share of nearly 13%, up from 8.7% in April 2005. There are some surprising country-by-country statistics included in the report as well. Firefox usage in the U.S. stands at 16%. Australia, 24%. And in Germany Firefox commands a whopping 39% market share. (TechCrunch)
Actually, the WC3 reports that market share is "Internet Explorer 67% (IE6 66% + IE7 1%), Firefox 25%." (full story)

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bobw4w said...

I'm feeling inept and inadequate, because I keep losing my bookmarks every 2 to 3 weeks on firefox. Seems like a simple fix, but I can't stop losing all my bookmarks. Suggestions?