the squeaky wheel

This is so obnoxious I don't want the picture on my site. (so I'll make it really tiny, and you can follow the link). Via JohnQ with the post titled "Liberty raped."

To all those out there bitching about how Muslims aren't standing up to their radical extremist fringe elements: When are we, as responsible Americans- many of us Christian- going to stand up to the radical Christian extremists in our midst like this douche?


JohnQ said...

I can't tell from your post, do you mean that you find my commentary obnoxious or that you find the Christified Statue of Liberty obnoxious? And what about the title? Are you saying that I'm a squeaky wheel? How am I a squeaky wheel, and if I am, where the hell is my grease? Whatever the case, a little more insight into your thoughts on this matter would be nice.

playfulmind said...

Hi John-

The statue artist is the squeaky wheel, and I am greasing it (as you are) by giving it attention. It is the statue that's obnoxious---which is why I say I'm going to make the picture tiny. I didn't really want it on my site, but had to give visual context.

I was going to put a nice quote by a founding father about how the US is NOT founded in any way on the Christian religion (they were a bunch of Deists, mostly anyway) but then thought better of it. The statue is so extreme in its insult to all Americans and constitutional intent that it speaks against itself with little commentary needed.

But I liked what you wrote. Although the comparison is a bit extreme for me, it hit me that the gist of it is true.
Thanks for your post & for visiting.

JohnQ said...

Yeah, in a way you could almost think the statue is a good thing. It is so insane in its blatant suggestion that America belongs to Christianity that it draws negative attention to the hard-charging Christian fundamentalists in the US.