What do you say to something like this? It's like a social science experiment proposed in the shiveringly clinical Nietzschean academia of the 1970s, before the ethical dilemma and, more importantly, legal restraint, stepped-in.

A young boy of nine has spent the last three years (get ready for a list): locked in his bedroom, monitored constantly by his father on video cameras directed at his bed, not allowed to use the bathroom but once a day, not allowed to be with his mother except once a day, and then only for an hour, forbidden to go outside, kept away from all non-relatives... there is more, but isn't this enough?

Enough for what?

Enough to make you cringe longer than you spend commuting and think hard about how man, the mind, and society function, and dysfunction? Like with falling airplanes, it's the singular examples---in distressingly relief--that cause us to tremble, all the while riding in domesticated deathmobiles. True, thousands more kids suffer worse fates elsewhere---not even abused by parental dementia or force, but just, by being born in unfortunate circumstances. Still, it doesn't really detract from the horror of one kid's pain, close-up. Not at all.