The BEST 51 Magazines Ever?

I don't know what's most horrendous about GOOD Magazine's Best 51 Magazines Ever of all-history list:

a) that Playboy made the top ten (#4).
b) that Lucky Magazine's "shopping porn" made the list (#44).
c) that Lucky was only after Playboy.
d) or, that Vogue was after Lucky, coming in at #45.
I mean really, where are are those traditional, sophisticated American sensibilities enunciated on this list? It should clearly be Vogue, Lucky, Playboy as the top three. It's obvious really. Someone send a letter to the editor to correct this typo.

No, the real horror is that MOTHER JONES is not on this list. How did that happen. Ramparts, its 1960s predecessor from the summer of love, did make the list (#18--
above Sports Illustrated, #28, ooo!). But my god, what were their criteria?

(Sidenote to sassy, budding bloggers: This is why all the "Top 10 Tips on How to Blog" blog posts recommend writing "list posts". Why, again, for clarity? Because: they are always wrong and very easily disputed, hence attracting a swelter facile counter-posts in which lazy peer bloggers bludgeon your TOP TEN into a mere top ten-ish. Meanwhile, the more defunct of sense will simply link with superlative side-ways faces. Either way, you can't lose because every link is a democratic vote, right Google? :)

So, here's my TOP TEN Magazines of all time (yeah, I am too lazy and un-COSMOPOLITAN-like to ramp this up to 51, not that you would bear with me through that anyway):

1. The Atlantic Monthly
2. Life

3. Vogue

4. The New Yorker

5. New York Times Magazine

6. Whole Earth Magazine

7. Rolling Stone

8. Ramparts/Mother Jones

9. Wired

10. MAD/The Economist
Close Runner-up: Highlights. (Set-back as a runner-up because they failed to publish that poem I forgot to submit when I was 9 because the LOVE stamp made a better sticker on the wall.)

The criteria? Ah, I'd tell you, but I can't reveal the priceless scientifically-perfected algorithm which can rank any group into a perfectly rational order.
Sorry, patent pending. (*No, these aren't all my favorite magazines! Lucky would be on the list.) Now, go ahead and hate on this. I double-link dare you.


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globalchameleon said...

Vogue after Lucky?!?! (not in your list, but the list you cited) That's a travesty - particularly given the former's gorgeous photography, genuine love for fashion and often impressive writing (particularly the food writer - odd, I know, for a "can't be too rich/too thin" pub)

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