YouTube launches a new section where users can engage '08 presidential candidates in digital question and debate.

Ever wanted to speak with the future President of the United States? Using the power of YouTube, you can! Announcing the newest phase of our You Choose ’08 platform, the Spotlight. Starting today, every Presidential candidate will have one week in the Spotlight on our News & Politics page, where they'll be available to engage YouTube users in a video dialogue.
YouChoose will display videos with those vying for the Presidential seat ‘08, with the likes of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama asking the YouTube community a question. Members of YouTube will then have the opportunity to post a video response for the candidate, and check back later to see if their video was chosen by the candidate to continue the discussion.
This is going to be fun, people. Stay tuned -- as they say.

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merjoem32 said...

YouChoose is another example of how the Internet is making an impact ion the 2008 presidential race. These initiative will spark more interest and participation in the upcoming election.