a tendency to choose

A humorous anecdote that nicely illustrates our choice-universal wired world. Shared by Tad, the CEO of Reed Business Information; retold by Manage to Change from some big fancy conference.

Tad’s son Harrison is seven.

He’s already in to social networking (on Webkinz) and spends a great deal of time online.

He rarely watches TV.

One day, Harrison told Tad the TV was broken. Tad investigated and told Harrison there was nothing wrong with the TV.

To which Harrison replied, “But Dad, where are all my choices?”

Where is the push-button-self-creation?


michaela said...

That’s concerning but then again I’m a culprit. I wonder at menus when I travel abroad. Where's the rest of it? What, no substitutes? And yes I was a server so I know that substitutes are obnoxious but still, I like the thought of having options.

playfulmind said...

hey Michaela --- you have an awesome blog! nice.