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Wow. Did you know:

Physicists have determined that there are thirty-two different ways in which atoms and molecules in a crystal can be symmetrically arranged in a pattern and these are all represented in the Moorish mosaics [of the Alcazar and Alhambra palaces in Spain, built seven centuries earlier]!

The inspiration for the mosaics was born from constraint:

Islamic artists were (and are) generally forbidden by the Koran to depict images of the human body and recognizable life forms in their work. As a result, they channeled their passion for form into representing patterns that can be found in the natural world.

The lesson, put forth by Roger von Oech at Creative Think, is that Deadlines force creativity. Limitations and restraints are the stimulus that force bits of genius out of us. Something to think about, as this producer of creative has:

"The ultimate inspiration is the deadline."


alex said...


But, i believe that creativity can come 'spontaneously' too.

Without following a pattern of 'creation', without yielding to the monotonous and mundane, being dynamic and quick, can result in creativity too. I believe so.

Steph said...

Perhaps the lack of creativity in Hollywood stems from their lack limits. Seemingly bottomless budgets, access to the world's greatest talents and few taboos left to break. That's why we're forced to endure such garbage! (Great blog, by the way)

miconian said...

"Come up with a pattern that occurs in the natural world" hardly seems like a serious constraint...