Making the Center of the World Go Round

A fascinating infosthetic charticle at New York Magazine profiles the financial life and times of various industries and professions in the apple of the financial world's eyes. The Profit Calculator-- 'the wild risks, unexpected niches, and day-in-day-out grind behind making a dollar in New York...for everyone from a drug dealer to Goldman Sachs."

A Yellow-Cab Driver
A Drug Dealer
A Private Investigator
A Diner
A Soup Kitchen
A Yoga Studio
A Sex Shop

A Discount Store
A Pizza Place
A Copy Shop
A Four-Star Restaurant
A Private School
A Department Store
A Drug Company
A Financial Firm
A Midtown Building
A Baseball Team
A Museum
A Clothing Store
A Publishing Company

A City Government

I've been waiting to blog about it. But now it's 1 am and I've had 4 hours sleep in the past 48 hours. That's my economy. Calculate that.