BLUuR (keep my face private!)

Some smart designers with a penchant for fighting government quasi-crime have invented a little green patch that will distort the recording of your image.

The Identity Protection System (IDPS) is by designer Miquel Mora. Mora, via We Make Money Not Art:

"With the IDPS project I wanted to sparkle debate about all the issues related to identity privacy," explains Miquel. "Make people think about how our society has become a complete surveillance machine. Our identities have already been stored as data in many servers ready to be tracked. And our self image is our last resort. So we really need tools to protect our privacy. We need tools that can allow us to hide or reveal our visual image. We must have the control over it."

In addition to their practical use when fleeing unjust seizure by misguided centralized government (which awaits us in the futuristic future and "6.5 out of-10" sci-fi blockbusters), these handy-dandy green stickers are perfect for messing with your camera-happy friends who stalked you all night with their digicam. Boy, will you waste their digital memory space when they that get that roll developed! Green stickers are also generally good for placing on bus stops, binders, and Mrs. Lamont's back.