Dietary Study of the homolegoblogis

True I haven't posted for a week but I refuse to apologize (I've already done that post). Pulitzer can just find another show horse. Besides I had a very good, irreproachable reason (it's summer). Namely, (*cough) it was a scientific-er-behavioral experiment in-um search engine user habits. Yes, right, I was observing the remarkable blog roaming patterns of the migratory reader. Hence.... "Dietary Study of the homolegoblogis"
You see, Waston, thrown from of its diurnal migratory RSS feed pattern (equivalent to the human cornmeal), the homoblogovsere must seek out an alternative, active mental spring. A habitual creature, the homolegoblogis may first attempt to revisit the same emptied trough several times before seeking other sources, but eventually it is forced to hunt across the intellectual Savannah via a social network of live links. (Or its mobile battery empties and it dehydrates from excess esspresso in the cafe; that's called natural selection).

But then, you ask, who is left at the domusblogus? Non-endemic quaeroapparati run amok, searching and stumbling upon the now evacuated domusblogus (much like raptors to a hallow carcass, but the data is certified pesco-vegetarian.) In short, search engine traffic comes to dominate the blog by tracking these leads:

That's right folks: Round 3 of backwards-search!
Strange/interesting highlights of real searches that brought readers to my site:

[#Rank in search engine - search terms]

#1 in Blogger - bondage
#1 in G - "goofy business cards"
#1 in G - liveblog sports sf giants
#1 in G - superheroes of the renaissance
#2 in G - ombibulous
#2 in Hebrew G - duoploy
#2 in G (for my other site) - Fruit Yelling

#3 in AOL - Emelda Marcos autobiography
#3 in G - che bello
#3 in G - mc plus+ lyrics dear engineer
#3 in G - infosthetic
#4 in G - The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own. There is no other way.
#6 in G - facebook ceo business card
#6 in My Web Search (powered by G) - shawshank redemption institution and personal experience
#8 in G - t-shirt " not a place of honor"
#9 in G - ate opponents brains invented cocaine
#9 in G - indiekarma
#9 in G - myspace stalk me program
#9 in G (for my other site) - false fruit
#11 in G - Scientology Orientation Video mirror
#12 in G - green myspace ruined my life shirt
#15 in Yahoo - how to hack facebook
#18 in G - Goonies Sound Bites
#21 in G - mc hawking entropy
#33 in G - flock + blogspot
#39 in G - first class stamp counterfeit

So, if you've ever wondered what this site is about - now you certainly have no idea.

If you're the poor devil who missed the original jems, here's Round 1 and Round 2. Here's another backwards search.]

Note: Given the wild thrashing about of x's and y's in search engine algorithmic DNA, this site likely will not turn up for the same result rank today (if reenacted) as when I recorded it. The worst/best example is for the phrase "only in a closed system must the entropy count rise"---at one point this site came up as the #1 top result in Google, and now it does not show at all.


lisa said...

you have to tell me how to do this backward search thing

playfulmind said...

put sitemeter.com (free) on your site
--also fun to watch hits come in from .mil underwater naval base, nyt (some intern), Yahoo! (using Google search), etc....
have fun-
backwards search stumble on!